The house of seven moons

Bijan Shafei was born in 1960 into Mahabad in Iran. After his graduation in Alborz Highschool, he was accepted in department of Architecture at Tehran University. While he was cooperating with consulting engineering offices, he was doing his design and construction works. He established his own office in 1992. After several years in 2002 his office was merged with "Seven Moons House" company. "Architecture of changing times" group was established in 1983 and Shafei is one of the main pioneers and principals of this group. Now he is managing director of "Seven Moons House" company. Also, member of the board and secretary of cultural part of Iranian Architects. Moreover, he is one of establishers of CineArch in Iran.

Nahid Beryani was born in 1966 into Tehran in Iran. She was graduated from department of Architecture of Tehran University.

She has steady cooperation with consulting engineering offices. From 1986. Also, she had cooperation in designof several projects at Gozineh consulting engineering.From the beginning she was assisting with Design office. After merging the "Design office" with "Seven Moons House" company, she continue her cooperation as a manager of atelier and interior supervision of company. Not only has she had responsibility in "Seven Moons House "company but also she assists with" Architecture of changing time and Iranian Architects society.