The house of seven moons

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We gathered more than twenty years ago to reach to far horizon in Architecture. It was with this ambition that we started creating a new movement with which our studio has, since 1990 been leading its activities towards the realization of new achievements in Modern Iranian Architecture. Our associates have together chosen this path, well aware of the interrelations between Man and Nature being at the heart of Architecture, and thus, have gone beyond the physical-functional definition, to put at stake other disciplines like research, consultance, design, and construction.

We try to reach to a higher awareness if the environment and its potential, in order to promote the environmental qualities to a higher stage, because from our point of view architecture is like poetry, with its poetic essence effervescent and flowing beyond the unknown towards apparition.

Our office tries to distinguish the occasions, adapting them to the right interventions in Architecture, in order to create new spaces, realized out of hidden potentials. This instance of creation rises from a process of experience and evolution, just as every portrait of life is a new event.